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Garbage Disposal


Selecting the proper garbage disposal

Every homeowner in America would agree that garbage disposal is one of the best kitchen appliances ever made. This kitchen appliance is very convenient after every meal, so you don’t have to chop or scrape leftover scraps of food. Garbage disposals are self-explanatory and straightforward to use. You have to know the different features involved and how much you are willing to spend. When you want to upgrade your garbage disposal, then Garbage Disposal Fresno is the right company for the job. We offer different types of garbage disposal and the components of design.


The components of the design

John Hammes invented the garbage disposal back in 1927; however, the design hasn’t changed that much for over 94 years. The old version is made of a plastic casing with a motor attached to impellers ( metal grinding plate with two teeth) which grind the food waste. The scale is enclosed with pierced holes of metal rings ( grinding rings). When the food waste is ground up, water pushes the byproduct into the grinding ring, then goes out the discharge opening of the housing, and finally the drain pipe. The impellers provide the grinding process, but it’s not as efficient as a blender. Here are some of the other components:

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  • Feed type
  • Motor size
  • Grinding chamber
  • Auto-reverse
  • Noise

Purchasing a garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is super handy when it comes to getting rid of the scraps of food. This will eliminate the chances of having your trash can stink up, or some stray animals would dig through your garbage, causing a mess. We offer a wide variety of garbage disposal models ideal for the number of persons in the family. With our garbage disposals, they are available at Garbage Disposal Fresno’s website, and the reviews are available so you can choose.

Repairs and replacements

If you are having trouble with your current garbage disposal, experts at Garbage Disposal Replacement Fresno can surely deliver units such as garbage disposal clogged. Homeowners have nothing to worry about hidden fees if you purchased your current model and your planning to replace it or have it repaired. The service charge is free.

Choosing the best garbage disposal

You have to know if you’re in sink garbage is ideal or not. So here are some things to think about before buying or replacing a garbage disposal.

1. The Noise. If everyone around you is sensitive to noises, then you should know the majority of garbage disposal is loud, especially at night. So always browse a model that has less noise. Don’t worry, and our models have different comparisons when it comes to the level of noise.

2. Food waste production. Before buying, make sure how much food is being consumed in a day. You also have to consider having guests over. And most of all the horsepower is the most crucial detail in taking care of your food waste.

3. Motor strength. When we are talking about the strength of garbage disposal, we are talking about the grinding power. The finer the grind, there is the lesser chance of clogging the drain. Homeowners who opt for affordability always choose ⅓ horsepower models, and they sell pretty nicely because most Americans live in apartments with minimal spaces. ½ horsepower models are more robust and are preferred by homeowners with limited spaces. We like to remind you that ⅓ and ½ horsepower models should be treated carefully. For more arduous food waste such as bones and fibrous vegetables, opt for ¾ or 1-2 horsepower models. You can look it up on our website for the list of our models.

The bottom line

Garbage disposal is very convenient for every homeowner in America. This kitchen appliance can help save garbage wasting. For more information about installation and repairs, just call Garbage Disposal Fresno. We’ll come to your house and install it.

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